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IC Electronic Components Announced

A move to liquidate 10 Million plus Electronic Components from stock.


 August 02,  2005

 IC Electronic Components announced the availability of 10 million new devices for immediate sale from manufacturers including Atmel, Cypress, Dallas, Fairchild, Intel, Maxium, Motorola / Freescale, Murata, National,  NEC, On, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, ST, TI, Vishay and more.

 Glenn Nichols the President and CEO of  IC Electronic Components stated, Now that our audit has been completed and we are on our new computer system we can better pipeline product to support our Material Management Programs.  This enhancement will allow us to sell off overstock inventory to enhance company overall profitability."   See a short list of devices for sale here: http://www.icelect.com/stock-sale.html

IC Electronic Components has recently joined the 'Electronic Resellers Association International' (ERAI).  Electronic Resellers Association International (ERAI) is an affiliation of electronics distributors networking together to safeguard each other against fraud, lost revenue, and unscrupulous business practices in the hi-tech electronics industry. 

IC Electronic Components is a leading independent distributor of difficult to locate electronic component. Our sourcing specialists and international alliances give us access to many obsolete, discontinued by the original manufacturer and hard to find electronic components.

 For further information contact:   Telephone  : 970-547-4487   Facsimile   : 954- 827-0139

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