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Short for Field-Programmable Gate Array, a type of logic chip that can be programmed. An FPGA is similar to a PLD, but whereas PLDs are generally limited to hundreds of gates, FPGAs support thousands of gates. They are especially popular for prototyping integrated circuit designs. Once the design is set, hardwired chips are produced for faster performance.

FPGA's Manufacturers we supply

Xilinx, Inc   Manufactures CPLDs and SRAM based FPGAs.
  Amtel Corp   Produces a wide range of ICs, including FPGAs and configuration memories.
  Altera Corp   Manufactures CPLDs and SRAM based FPGAs.
  Actel Corp
Produces three different styles of FPGAs: antifuse, flash, and SRAM.
  Aeroflex Inc
Qualifies and sells space and radiation hardened semiconductors, including FPGAs.
  Lattice Semiconductor Corp
Produces analog and digital FPGAs, including the ORCA FPSC assets purchased from Agere (formerly Lucent).
  Leopard Logic, Inc.
Manufactures configurable digital logic devices that combine concepts from both FPGAs and ASICs (via mask-programmability).
  QuickLogic Corp
Makes stand-alone devices such as PCI bridges, memory controllers, and GbE Ethernet MACs, in addition to FPGAs that integrate parts of the stand-alone devices.
  MathStar, Inc
Reprogrammable logic platform chips, especially for communications and digital signal processing applications.
  Zetex Semiconductors
A UK maker of analog ICs, including an analog field programmable device.
  Anadigm, Inc
Manufactures field programmable analog array (FPAA), an analog version of an FPGA.


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