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*M,A,B,C merely represent part revisions/usually manufacturing processes and have no bearing on the parts form, fit  or function

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Function The Same As

Minimum Quantity

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K9F1G08U0M-YCB0 1 gig K9F1G08U0A-YCB0      K9F1G08U0B-YCB0      K9F1G08U0C-YCB0 1,000 1000 t/r $46.00 03+
K9K1G08U0A-YCB0 1 gig

K9K1G08U0M-YCB0 K9K1G08U0B-YCB0 K9K1G08U0C-YCB0 

480 480 $46.00 03+
K9K2G08U0M-YCB0 2 gig K9K2G08U0A-YCB0 K9K2G08U0B-YCB0 K9K2G08U0C-YCB0 480 480 $84.00 03+
K9F5608U0M-YCB0 256mb K9F5608U0A-YCB0 K9F5608U0B-YCB0 K9F5608U0C-YCB0  1,000 1000 t/r $12.00 03+
K9K1G08U0M-YCB0 1 gig K9K1G08U0A-YCB0   K9K1G08U0B-YCB0   K9K1G08U0C-YCB0  1,000 1000 t/r $44.00 03+
TC58DVM92A1FT00 512mb   480 480 $25.00 03+
K9F1208U0A-YCB0 512mb K9F1208U0M-YCB0   K9F1208U0B-YCB0   K9F1208U0C-YCB0 1,000 1000 t/r $24.00 03+
K9F5608U0C-YCB0 256mb K9F5608U0M-YCB0 K9F5608U0A-YCB0  K9F5608U0B-YCB0  1,000 1000 t/r $12.00 03+
TC58DVM82A1FT00 256mb   480 480 $12.00 03+
K9F2808U0C-YCB0 128mb K9F2808U0M-YCB0   K9F2808U0A-YCB0   K9F2808U0B-YCB0 480 480 $9.00 03+

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